VU, centre de diffusion et de production de la photographie

VU is an artist-run centre whose mission is to promote and support research and creation in the field of photography by working with artists and contributing to the dissemination of and reflection on their work.


Appel de maquettes de livres
2 jul15 oct
In country
Residency In country
36 sep
Residency Topographies
9 sep26 oct

VU offers production space for the creation and exchange of ideas.

The centre supports artists in any discipline in the creation and production of photography, at every stage of the process.

  • Archival quality inkjet printing
  • Dry-mounting and laminating
  • Specialized equipment rentals (scanners, workstations, cameras)
  • Darkroom rentals


VU’s members participate in the development of a community and culture of contemporary photography.

User members benefit from:

  • Individual support
  • Access to production spaces and equipment
  • Discounted prices on materials
  • Members-only workshops and calls for submissions