“Internet Vernacular stems from various found projects I have been exploring over the years. In Lost Photos Found, I recovered undeveloped, 35mm analog film found in cameras at thrift stores. The project realized itself in two forms: a selection of photos that were published in INCITE Journal of Experimental Media (Volume 6, Fall 2015, pp. 152-73); and a performance lecture in which I discussed the images themselves and theorized about the process. At VU, I will be showcasing images from the Internet Vernacular archive. Furthermore, I will be developing a new project involving found, timestamped, vernacular digital images that represent the entire calendar year of 2005, that is, 365 images arranged chronologically.”




Clint Enns is a visual artist living in Montreal, Quebec. His artworks often use found material and are created using broken or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally at galleries, festivals, alternative spaces and microcinemas. His most recent project Internet Vernacular deals with vernacular photography obtained while rummaging through the “digitally abandoned” online photographic collections of users who haven’t posted in years. The project explores the concept of vernacular photography as found object in the digital age. He has a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Manitoba, and a PhD in cinema and media from York University. His writing appeared in LeonardoMillennium Film JournalINCITE Journal of Experimental MediaFound Footage MagazineOtherZineBlackFlashC Magazine and Spectacular Optical.