Our offices and production spaces are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Please note that the center will be closed from July 1st until August 7th inclusively.
Production will be taking orders for prints until June 23rd.
Galleries will reopen in September!

See you soon!


VU, centre de diffusion et de production de la photographie

VU is an artist-run centre whose mission is to promote and support research and creation in the field of photography by working with artists and contributing to the dissemination of and reflection on their work.


Hubert Gaudreau, Hélène Matte, Julie Picard, Sarah Toung Ondo, Alexandre Berthier, Richard Baillargeon, David N. Bernatchez, Isabelle Falardeau, France Gros-Louis Morin et Diego Rock Topographies
Event 5 apr30 sep2021
Annual residency
Jean Michel René Annual residency
Residency 30 aug 202130 jun
Yahndawa’ : portages entre Wendake et Québec
Aïcha Bastien N’Diaye, Alexis Gros-Louis, France Gros-Louis Morin, Andrée Levesque Sioui, Teharihulen Michel Savard, Manon Sioui, Nicolas Renaud, Annie Baillargeon, Anne-Marie Bouchard, Dgino Cantin, Philip Després, Érika Hagen-Veilleux, Jeffrey Poirier, Alain-Martin Richard, Guy Sioui Durand et Anne-Marie Proulx Yahndawa’ : portages entre Wendake et Québec
Residency 1 sep 202130 jun
Event 23 sep 202130 jun
Appel de projets de coproduction
Event 4 oct15 nov2021
Bourses en édition
Dominique Rivard, Yan Giguère, Marie-Claude Bouthillier et Michel Huneault Bourses en édition
Event 721 oct2021

VU offers production space for the creation and exchange of ideas.

The centre supports artists in any discipline in the creation and production of photography, at every stage of the process.

  • Archival quality inkjet printing
  • Specialized equipment rentals (scanners, workstations, cameras)


VU’s members participate in the development of a community and culture of contemporary photography.

User members benefit from:

  • Individual support
  • Access to production spaces and equipment
  • Discounted prices on materials
  • Members-only workshops and calls for submissions