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Enveloped by the tides and winds of the Baltic Sea, the book Själsö by artist Sara A.Tremblay describes an insular universe marked by the movements of people, animals, and the elements. Taken during an eighty-eight-day sojourn on the island of Gotland in Sweden, the photographs in this book are a record of the everyday, where time makes visible the tranquil forces of nature, and through which ethereal presences pass. Själsö, the host village that lends its name to the book, can be broken down into the words själ (soul) et ö (island) connecting the intangible to the concrete, as though it is the nature of the island to lead us to scrutinize the real for traces of what might not otherwise be seen.

The book also contains two texts. Véronique La Perrière M., who was the artist in residence on the island the year before Sara A.Tremblay, reflects on Gotland's mythical aura, while Anne-Marie Proulx explores the movements and textures that struck the photographic imagination of the artist.


Technical Informations

Author(s) :
Sara A.Tremblay, Véronique La Perrière M., Anne-Marie Proulx

Format :
16 x 24 cm

Pages :
108 pages

Langage :
Texts in French and in English

Edition :
Québec, VU


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