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The Afterlife/Outre-vie group is comprised of thirteen image practitioners whose work aims to develop a concept of %u201Cafterlife%u201D that belongs to the language of images. Taking its name from the late Québec poet Marie Uguay, the group is united by a shared dialogue about storytelling and the vicissitudes of memory. The group has exhibited large-scale photographs, video projections, experimental writing, and sound installations in Québec and abroad. These collective engagements have generated new collaborative modes of production and dissemination, including a practice of archiving their collective art-making process. Afterlife/Outre-vie was formed by Raymonde April in 2013.

%u201CAfterlife is when one is not yet in life, when one looks at it, when one seeks to enter it. She is not dead but already almost alive, almost born, being born perhaps, in this passage beyond borders and beyond time which defines desire. Desire of the other, desire of the world. May life gush forth as into a water skin. And one is still far away. Afterlife is like overseas or beyond the grave. One must go through the rigidity of the obvious, of prejudice, fears, habits, go through the obtuse real and enter a reality both more painful and more pleasant, into the unknown, secrecy, contradiction, to open one's senses and know. Go through the opacity of silence and invent our existences, our loves, where there is no fatality of any sort.%u201D

Marie Uguay, L'Outre-vie, Éditions du Noroît, 1976


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Le collectif Outre-vie

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26 x 3 cm

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French and english

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