We hope for light so much that sometimes we get burned for coming too close to our dreams. As for darkness, it can represent both a refuge and the place where we encounter our demons, both that which brings us comfort and that which frightens us. We are too well adapted to our everyday life and the banality and inevitability it contains—let’s rouse our gardens, unconscious from neglect and from being trampled on so long, let’s listen to what the overflowing rivers have to say. We must recreate a whole world, piece by piece, pay attention to every leaf on every plant and every feather on every bird, do everything it takes to re-establish contact with them and with ourselves. By observing in ourselves all that is gentle and all that is violent alike, we’ll know how to burn the ancient parts of what we are, or level them to make space for unexpected images.

Our and everything it takes programming looks into the forces and resources that drive us and what, within and outside of ourselves, might equally prove to be a potentiality or a menace. As part of our alliance with the new Wendat artist-run centre Ahkwayaonhkeh, VU has brought together artists and artworks that revisit the zones of light and shadow that make us what we are in order to glimpse what we can become, individually and collectively. Actions carried out in our production and gallery spaces, and more widely on the Nionwentsïo that welcomes us, will allow vital energies to reveal themselves and contribute to the creation of new alliances.

and everything it takes
2023 - 2024

Annual programming


Anne-Renée Hotte

8 sep15 oct
27 oct3 dec
Petit rien

Zaynab Mortada et artistes à venir

12 jan11 feb2024
Une literie végétale

Noelle Wharton-Ayer

10 may16 jun2024
Résidence annuelle

Claudia Kedney-Bolduc

1 sep 202330 jun2024
Photographie écoresponsable

Anne-Marie Bouchard, Cynthia Johnston et Eloïse Plamondon-Pagé

2 oct 202331 may2024

Florence Perrone

612 nov
La colonia

Valerian Mazataud

20 nov1 dec

Katya Konioukhova et Renaud Philippe

828 apr2024
Être sur la noye

Antoine Larocque

314 jun2024

On est tu heureux hen.

1023 jun2024
Les vivants

Sarah Boutin, Ariane Daoust, Vincent Drouin, Débora Flor, Idra Labrie et Angela Marsh et Théâtre Rude Ingénierie

15 jun15 dec
910 sep
Bourse en édition

Benoit Aquin

1417 sep
3 oct 18:00 – 20:00
Double lancement

Hua Jin et Collectif Hors d'état

19 oct 17:00 – 19:00