VU is very pleased to announce the pre-sale of an exclusive version of a new publication including a work by the artist.


To support the production of the book to be released in winter 2023, pre-order your copy with the option of also acquiring a signed print by the artist (edition of 20 copies).

The photograph does not appear in the book and is included exclusively as bonus for pre-sale purchasers. The format will be an inkjet print on 9” X 11.25” Photo Rag Ultra Smooth archive-quality paper.


You can choose to receive your book and signed print by mail, or you can pick them up during one of the launches, in Québec City or Montréal (dates TBA).


Publisher: VU
Graphic design: Paquebot design
ISBN 978-2-921440-37-0 | $50
22,8 x 28 cm | 148 pages | texts in French and English
colour photos | hardcover | Indigo printed


Hua 9 x 11 - couvert I


Dundee is a paradox, in which human desire for permanence is confronted by nature’s inevitable force, and the constant shift of social landscapes. A paradox of temporality and continuity.

For several years, the artist Hua Jin has turned her attention to Dundee, a rural village in southwestern Montérégie that was founded around 1800 by Scottish migrants, who named it after their former home. This photo book explores that tale, from its beginnings to the present day: a visual description of the intimate relationships between inhabitants and the place they call home. With photographs taken in Quebec and Scotland between 2016 and 2019, and through which archival and found objects circulate, Jin investigates a shifting migration that stretches over two hundred years, observing how the influence of lineage, exchange, and transformation impacted subsequent cultural transitions. The Land We Love by Scottish poet Will H. Ogilvie concludes the publication, a tender companion to Jin’s images and an homage to the homeland.

There’s a spell in this Land of the Marches,
In this Border that gave us our birth,
In this spot where the Heaven’s wide arch is
Spread blue o’er the best of the earth!


The municipality of Dundee Township, Québec, is situated on the territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) Nation, who named and still call this land Tsi:karístisere, “the place where they drag the iron chains.”