Before the work exists, the artist moves through her own universe, observing it in minute detail, delighting in the micro-events that are so difficult to capture in photographs. All the same, she cannot resist collecting certain traces: the delicacy of this constellation of asters, the texture of this bark, the lines of these blades of grass, the glistening pearls of this light. The imperfectly preserved remains of these fleeting moments become the material from which new worlds can emerge, as from the detritus that fertilizes the soil of gardens and forests: little nothings that, together, make a habitat for countless species.


Using cut-outs from her photographs and drawings, Noelle Wharton-Ayer creates her photograms somewhat as she would arrange a garden—little hands occupied with caring for one plant and dividing another in order to transplant part of it to live with still others. And each time, although a final composition could have been imagined, the elements so placed come together as they like, communicating with each other and transforming themselves, nourishing the soil of their own world. Speaking to the mystery of all creation, this exhibition invites us to find in it spaces in which to take refuge or, better yet, to dream.


Bedfellows was created as part of VU’s residency-exhibition program, and is part of our and everything it takes programming, which looks at the forces and resources that drive us and what, within and outside of ourselves, might represent both a potential and a threat.



Artiste multidisciplinaire née à Toronto en 1987, Noelle Wharton-Ayer habite et travaille à Québec. Elle est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en arts visuels de York University, et d’une maîtrise en arts visuels de l’Université Laval. Son travail a été présenté dans des expositions solo et collectives en Ontario, au Québec, à Terre-Neuve et en Europe, et elle a notamment participé à l’exposition collective Cultivating Connection à Open Studio à Toronto en mars 2023. En 2022 son projet La Cascade a été choisi pour la programmation estivale de l’espace Baie Vitrée de la Coopérative Méduse. Depuis 2019 Noelle travaille également comme artiste-médiatrice dans plusieurs projets de médiation culturelle dans la ville de Québec. Au printemps de 2023, elle était artiste-en-résidence à l’école secondaire Jean de Brébeuf dans le cadre du programme Une école accueille un artiste ou un écrivain.



10 May 2024 17:00 - 21:00