Mille lieues (A Thousand Leagues)

There was a moment, a beam of light, on this branch, on this rock, on the water’s surface. A wave caused a gentle breeze, rustling the dead leaves on the ground. Time moved, danced with place, and we didn’t even really pay attention. An impression of suddenly being far away, like the moment the birthday candles are blown out: another moment, another glow. This is a world that doesn’t fit into our usual ways of measuring time and space. It seems that something lives here; we observe telltale signs, we wait, we anticipate. Everything present—in front, inside, on, around—is fully alive. Nothing is invented, nothing is modified, only these creatures, with their own particular magic.

Éliane Excoffier invites us to enter into worlds with lives of their own, mysteries of their own. While in the past Excoffier focused on women’s bodies and animal figures, with this new project she shows us these unemptied spaces for what they are. Indeed, they are teaming with presence, urging us to examine that which inhabits these parallel worlds, where the frontier between the real and the imaginary that we are always seeking to define is finally erased.



This exhibition form part of the Nos accueils (Our Hospitalities) programming cycle, brought to life by hands that reach out, by living images, by roots in movement. These roots not only connect us to where we are, they also show us new paths to take, and ask us to welcome what is to come.




Éliane Excoffier détient un baccalauréat en arts plastiques et en histoire de l’art de l’Université de Montréal. Depuis 1997 son travail a été présenté dans plusieurs galeries, musées, centres d’artistes et foires d’art contemporain tant au Québec, au Canada qu’à l’étranger. Ses oeuvres font partie de plusieurs collections privées, publiques et muséales. Sa pratique artistique est essentiellement photographique, avec un intérêt particulier pour l’histoire de la photographie, ses techniques et sa tradition. La théâtralité photographique étant présente dans chacune de ses séries, elles sont construites comme des mises en scène, à la fois singulières et énigmatiques. Le but étant d’orchestrer les décors, les sujets et la lumière – afin de raconter une (ou des) histoire. Éliane Excoffier vit et travaille à Sutton, Qc. 

Présence de l'artiste en galerie
22 January 2022 12:00 - 16:00