Ljós is a mesmerizing piece that invites spectators to contemplate a phenomenon that will toy with their perceptions. At the centre of a gallery plunged into darkness, two crystals made of paper float under glass bell jars. They sizzle under an artificial sun glowing into the device and, once they have collected enough energy, express it as a spectre, a kind of halo dispersed onto the wall. In his practice, the artist explores the quality and movement of light. Here, the digital light from the projector becomes analog when it comes in contact with the prisms and glass, then natural when it casts itself against the wall. These fluctuations of light refer to the passing of days and seasons, the cycles that come into being, come to an end, and continue. This reflection calls to mind our inability to master nature and its immaterial phenomena. Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff explores questions of the impermanence, fragility and precariousness of the environment. Much like the aurora borealis – that unexpected, elusive and spectacularly powerful nocturnal event – only attentive viewers will witness the full phenomenon of Ljós.

This exhibition is presented in conjunction with Mois Multi.


Mois Multi
16 February 2019 20:00 - 22:00
Photographies : Coline Nageli