The space between self and Other is not easily measured or named, even less so when modes of exchange are ruled by digital forms of communication that both bring people together and keep us apart. The recent pandemic accentuated the situation, raising questions about the nature of human contact and the devices that help make it possible. Conditioned by law, faith, or desire, how can we create and maintain bonds despite the walls, seas, and sentiments that divide us? The artists in Murs écrans suggest different ways of forging connection with self, Other, and image.

The fruit of a collaboration with Roca Umbert, a cultural space in Granollers, Catalonia, the exhibition unites five Québec and Catalan artists who undertook a pandemic-era exchange, when mass international movement was on hold and creation took place under lockdown. Evolving in a world of communication where image and thought overlap, their works bear witness to various ways of encountering the Other. The images and objects that connect us, whether acquired by commerce, friendship, or spirituality, offer insight into who we are.

The exhibition caps off a dialogue that began on social media in 2020 and was followed by residencies in Québec and Catalonia in 2022. An exhibition in Catalonia will also take place in March 2023. Look for the hashtag #courantscorrents on Instagram to see how the project developed over time.

The project was supported by the Québec Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie, the Ministère de la Culture, and the Fundació Ramon Llull.




13 January 2023/ 17:00 - 00:00