Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

Call for 2020–22 / Exhibitions, residencies, special projects

Deadline: January 15, 2020


At VU, photography is not only an end, but also a means—a means of fostering research, reflection, and ideals. With a strong desire to reaffirm the role of the artist-run centre as a space of creation, we aim to host projects and artistic practices that reflect the many modes of doing and thinking that are possible through photography.

This year, VU has chosen to make the annual call an opportunity to ask, “how’s it going?” With the intention of meeting, we want to take the time to question ourselves as well as to take care of ourselves and others and to encourage listening and openness with and among our community. This question is posed in this way so that our call can be an opportunity for artists not just to submit project proposals, but also to express themselves about needs that VU could respond to.

Do you need to go deep into research, take a workshop, share your practice with other artists, get support for a project, work with a community? In order to imagine the next programming cycle together with you, we invite artists interested in photography to share their ideas, projects, and practices.


Your application should include:

-A presentation of your practice/project (1 page)
-An up-to-date curriculum vitae


A selection committee will review applications in order to prepare a programme of individual and group shows, residencies (2 weeks), workshops, and special projects inspired by you! In its programming process, VU is committed to promoting equity, diversity, and a multiplicity of practices. Please don’t hesitate to suggest ideas for conferences, roundtable discussions, performances, screenings, off-site projects, workshops, masterclasses, etc.

Send your submission by email to If your submission is larger than 5 MB, send it via WeTransfer as a .zip folder of maximum 25 MB.


* Publication projects must be submitted during our annual call for book maquettes (August 10)
**Please note that our digital and analogue production spaces are accessible to VU members; no application process is necessary. To reach VU’s production area, call 418-640-2558 or click here.

For questions concerning this call for submissions, you can reach us at