Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

—Open call
Exhibitions, residencies and special projects / artists based in Québec and Canada

Deadline: February 1, 2023


At VU, we don’t consider photography to only be an end in and of itself, but also a way to activate research, thinking, and ideals. With the goal of asserting the role of the artist-run centre as a space for art-making, we wish to host and facilitate projects and practices from artists actively engaged in reflecting on ways of making, doing and thinking with photography during this upcoming programming year.

In addition to your project proposals, we also want to better get to know your practice and what you’re working on these days, in hopes of staying on top of current photographic practices. Through this open call, we will put together our programme of exhibitions, residencies and events, while retaining other proposals for projects in development.

With the intent of creating encounter and time to ask questions, and to take care of ourselves and others, we wish to privilege a position of active listening and openness towards our community. We thus encourage artists of all backgrounds, origins, gender orientations, and stages in their career to introduce themselves or to propose a project.

Have you felt the need to develop a research project, to take a training course, to share your practice with other artists, to be mentored in a project, or to work with a specific community? In order to imagine our upcoming programming year together, with all of you, we invite all artists interested in photography to share their ideas, projects and practices.


Your submission should include:
– A presentation of your practice and/or project specifying the type of support you would like to receive (500 words max)
– An up-to-date CV
– Images and/or your website

Send your submission as a compressed file (.zip), maximum 25 mb via WeTransfer to the following email address:


*Due to the high volume of submissions, only selected artists will be contacted by the artistic committee before March 31, 2023.
**Please note that our production spaces are always available to VU members, and no submission process is required. To contact VU’s production spaces, please call 418 640-2558, or click here.


For any other questions concerning the submission process, please contact us at


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