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Elis Hoffman

January 8 to February 7, 2016
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-5 pm
550, côte d'Abraham, Québec
Friday January 8, 5:00 pm

About the Artist

About the Exhibition


Elis Hoffman lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. His projects take the form of exhibitions and books, and he has also worked as a freelance photographer since 2007. This exhibition at VU is his first outside of Europe, where his work has been exhibited numerous times. Hoffman has received several grants and prizes, notably the Jury Prize at the Rencontres photographiques de Montpellier in 2009 for his series Tonight, and the TT:s Stora Fotopris in 2014, considered the most important Swedish photography award. He received this award for Fading, for which he also received grants from The Swedish Arts Grant Committee and was one of the winners of the German Photobook Prize in 2015. The book Fading was published by Kehrer Verlag and had its premier at Paris Photo in 2014. Hoffman also received a grant from the Swedish Authors Foundation for his book De Flyktiga in 2014.


Time withers the herbs, weakens paper, and makes images slowly disappear. Fading, which could be translated as attenuation, degradation, or erasure, evokes the transitory states that manifest themselves in Elis Hoffman's photographs. Working with fragility and impermanence, his images are a reflection on the lives of people, but also the lives of things and phenomena, on their longevity or ephemerality. In his work, everything has a duration which is more or less circumscribed - even death, which does not appear as a finality or even a fatality, but instead motivates a search for meaning. While an impression of drama glides over the group of images, moments of softness and lightness provide here and there a balm for the harshness and heaviness of tragedy.

The artist wishes to thank the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Iapsis.

The works presented in the exhibition were printed at VU.

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