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Katia Gosselin

September 8 to October 15, 2017
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-5 pm
550, côte d'Abraham, Québec
Friday September 8, 2017

About the Artist

About the Exhibition


Espaces périphériques

In Katia Gosselin's photographs, a raw light invites itself into dark places and settles on things and gestures that would otherwise have remained obscure. Fixing a movement, a moment, a banality, or a fatality, the images force us to get closer and offer us a moment of contemplation on what does not last, but also on what cannot be seen other than by means of photography. Among the forms that stand out in the light, presences appear almost absent while voids are filled with suggestions of presence. Like an elusive state of mind, what we are given to see always escapes us a little.

This exhibition is part of the Inventing Risk programming, which invites us to reconsider the way we make art and the way we think the image.

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