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Échange Québec-Xian

May 18 to July 1, 2018
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-5 pm
550, côte d'Abraham, Québec
Friday May 18, 2018

About the Artist

About the Exhibition


Échange Québec-Xian

Having just arrived in Québec, Chen Hua and Su Sheng take us to China by fixing their gaze on the urban and social landscape. On the one hand, Chen Hua undertakes to preserve the memory of rural ways of life that are increasingly swallowed up by the expansion of cities, where the remains of another era coexist with today's everyday activities. On the other hand, Su Sheng immerses himself in the everyday of middle-class people in order to identify the characteristics of a population marked by the one-child policy. When the children seem to have everything, what can the ones that we call the « little emperors » still dream of?

An initiative of Le Lieu, centre en art actuel in collaboration with the Xiang Xishi Center for Contemporary Art and the artist-run centres Avatar, La Chambre Blanche, and VU.

This exhibition is part of the Inventing Risk programming, which invites us to reconsider the way we make art and the way we think the image.


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