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Inventing Risk

September 8 to June 24, 2018
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-5 pm
550, c√īte d'Abraham, Qu√©bec

About the Artist

About the Exhibition


Inventing Risk
2017-18 Programming


Making walls fall, welcoming the unforeseen, moving closer to what scares us, defying death, not remaining alone . . . Inventing Risk suggests that risk is a choice, a creation, a work of the imagination. It is an invitation to abandon habit and comfort and occasion the possibility of indefinite results, to leave a place for experimentation, dialogue, and the unknown, and in doing so to invent new ways to make art and to think the image. It represents a willingness to trust risk, but also in a larger sense it means having confidence in artists, ideas, art, and life.


- Fall 2017

8 September to 15 October 2017
Joan Fontcuberta confronts us with what remains of photography when it is dying, while Katia Gosselin invites a raw light into obscure spaces. In both cases, the gaze finds itself losing its bearings, looking for a path, and giving rise to imagination.

27 October to 3 December 2017
Putting the construction of the image to the test, Kotama Bouabane undertakes a satirical investigation of the colonialist meaning attached to the photograph of a coconut, and the collective Leisure (Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley) alters its working methods by inviting children to intervene in creation.


- Winter-Spring 2018

12 January to 18 February 2018
Presented in collaboration with Mois Multi, Scott Massey exploits the materials and apparatus of photography to create a new image vocabulary. In parallel, our European space will be occupied for the creation of photobook maquettes in a collective workshop imagined by Alexandre Berthier.

23 February to 1 April 2018
A group exhibition initiated by P√©io √Čliceiry investigates the way photographic thought transforms our conception of the image and the influence that it has had on the work of painters, sculptors, and installation artists.

6 April to 13 May 2018
Working on the spatialization of the image, Lucie Rocher explores the material properties of photography as an inherent part of the construction of meaning. At the same time, VU will participate in the Québec-Xian exchange initiated by Le Lieu.

18 May to 24 June 2018
To close the program, both of our galleries will be taken over by a group exhibition that brings together different inventions of risk.


- Events

Throughout the year, different events, roundtables, and collective gatherings will punctuate the program, offering occasions for reflection and conversation around subjects related to the exhibitions.


- Lightwaves: Québec-Glasgow exchange

In collaboration with Street Level Photoworks (Glasgow), VU will welcome Melanie Letore and Mat Hay to Québec City, while Josée Pedneault and Bertrand Carrière will go to Scotland for a residency. The four artists will have conversations on a blog, and their work will also be featured in an exhibition in 2018. This project has been developed with funding from the British Council's office in Canada and the Québec government.


- Publishing

This Fall, VU will launch the most recent title in its collection of photobooks: Outre-vie/Afterlife retraces the journey of a collective of thirteen artists who together explore the afterlife of the photographic image.

VU continues a collaboration with Jean-François Prost for a project around the idea of celebration in various forms, and begins production on a book that will bring together the practices of Audrée Demers Roberge and Amélie Laurence Fortin around experiences of and interventions in the landscape.


- Residencies

In the labs, several artists will come for different projects of an experimental nature: Guillaume Adjutor Provost, Pascal Gingras, Amélie Tremblay (Prix VU), and Craig Rodmore, as well as Katri Nauhameen (Finlande) in collaboration with Avatar and Méduse.


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