Being a member of VU is not only a chance to take advantage of facilities and opportunities, but also to support the development of contemporary photography and visual art. The strength of the centre is that of its community: it is important to have you with us!

VU exists largely thanks to our members, who enliven the centre. By means of their presence and participation in our activities, whether by working on their creative projects in our production spaces or through their interest in photographic thinking and creation, our members participate in the development of a community and culture of contemporary photography.

User Members
and Friend Members

Ivan Binet

Karole Biron

André Gilbert

Gaëtan Gosselin

Évangéline LeBlanc

Lucie Lefebvre

Normand Rajotte

Denis Thibeault

Richard Baillargeon

Éric Côté

Gilles Savard

Marie Rioux

Roger Côté

André Morneau

Bertrand Carrière

Claudie Gagnon

Ève Cadieux

Alexandre Larose

Ulysse Dubois

Charles-Frédérick Ouellet

Hélène Matte

Olivier Roberge

Myriam Lambert

Jocelyn Philibert

Christiane Jobin

Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand

Florence Le Blanc

Jacynthe Carrier

André Gaboury

Claude Gagné

Anne-Marie Proulx