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Thinking Together: 2016-17 Programming

Planning a meeting, gathering around a table, combining efforts, connecting people, taking the time to observe, seeing the world inside of us . . . In 2016-17, VU reflects on art as an occasion for gathering and for images and ideas to be combined and to confront one another. Manifested in the work of both the artists and the centre, this reflection is represented at times by the artworks - whether through the processes by which they were made or in the subjects they explore - and at other times by the ways the program was envisioned and organized, in the hope of bringing people together around common ideals. In this way are assembled photographic practices that, whether directly or obliquely, approach and observe the realities, dreams, utopias, and dystopias of being together.


Fall 2016


9 September to 9 October 2016

The group exhibition¬†Ensemble¬†begins this reflection by making way for a number of artists whose practices have community and togetherness at their core. The exhibition was initiated by¬†Anne-Marie Proulx, who invited the artists¬†Charles-√Čtienne Brochu,¬†Jacynthe Carrier,¬†Charles Guilbert and Nathalie Caron,¬†Nadia Myre,¬†Jean-Fran√ßois Prost/Adaptive Actions, and the collective¬†Outre-Vie/Afterlife¬†(Raymonde April,Jessica Auer,¬†Jacques Bellavance,¬†Velibor Bozovic, Gwynne Fulton,¬†Katie Jung,¬†Jinyoung Kim,¬†Lise Latreille,Celia¬†Perrin-Sidarous,¬†Marie-Christine Simard,¬†Bogdan Stoica,Andrea Szilasi,¬†Chih Chien Wang).


21 October to 20 November 2016

Two distinct universes are created from the imaginary of the skies with exhibitions by Matthieu Brouillard, who investigates a man's dream of flying, and Jérémie Lenoir, whose images were captured while flying over the outskirts of the city.

Also this fall, VU and¬†Antitube¬†will work together on a new collaboration in which cinema and photography will meet, and the¬†Foire en art actuel de Qu√©bec¬†will take place in VU and L'Œil de Poisson's galleries.


Winter/Spring 2017


13 January to 13 February 2017

Inserting herself into places of power, Emmanuelle Léonard interrogates the representation of the real inside these spaces. A parallel exhibition explores practices of investigation with photographs and photo books selected by Charles-Frédérick Ouellet.


18 February to 19 March 2017

In February, VU continues two valuable collaborations - with Manif d'art, around the theme The Art of Joy, and with the Mois Multi, which presents the second of three phases around the reenchantment of the world. Details will be announced this fall.


31 March to 30 April 2017

In two exhibitions that relate to buildings and their diverse histories, Gisele Amantea explores the concept of faux sites in digitally altered photographs of public spaces, while Christopher Boyne creates the memory of two anonymous ships on the basis of found photographs.


5 May to 4 June 2017

Chinese artist Shuwei Liu offers views on a life imagined all in blue, where colour is a symbol for a certain distance from the real. In parallel, an exhibition dedicated to emerging artists in photography will be developed by Gentiane La France.




This fall, VU will launch the most recent title in its collection of photo books. Enveloped by the tides and winds of the Baltic sea, the book Själsö by artist Sara A.Tremblay presents itself as an insular universe marked by the movements of people, animals, and the elements.


VU begins a new collaboration with Jean-François Prost, who will be in Québec City this fall to take the first steps towards a book project.




In the labs, a number of artists will come to pursue diverse projects of an experimental nature: Alexandre Berthier, Tereza Trautmannova,Guillaume Adjutor Provost, Alexis Desgagnés, John Blouin,Tristan Fortin-Lebreton, and Kenneth Bamberg in collaboration with La Bande vidéo.

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