There are fallow lands, dormant volcanoes, nascent love stories, latent images . . . There are things that seem to be inert, invisible things whose energy and potential just escape our sight—because something is going on; because somewhere, inside four walls, on the outskirts of a city, or in the social media feed, images and ideas make appearances. If we catch them, we may make them material for our research. We may decide to let them go, or to make space for them; in any case we leave them to transform: even the artworks we stand before and believe to be fixed start to move as soon as we pay attention to them. Likewise, if we listen carefully they start to speak to us and tell us stories of mountains that ramble discreetly when we blink our eyes.

There are mountains that walk represents the idea that something is brewing without being readily visible. This year, structural improvements in our galleries are giving us the opportunity to propose programming that will mostly be outside our walls. Residencies have multiplied and their forms have been diversified, two new accompaniment grants in publishing are added to our annual publications, an exchange is organized with Catalonia, and offsite projects are being prepared. Conferences, roundtables, performances, and workshops will make visible these movements that subtend creation.

There are mountains that walk
2019 - 2020

Programmation en cours

Residency Topographies
9 sep26 oct
Pierre&Marie residency
9 sep 201930 jun2020
Internet Vernacular
720 oct

Programmation complète

13 jan30 jun2020
Coming soon
18 oct 18:00 – 00:00
56 oct
2 jul15 oct
1221 sep
Alone Time
821 jun2020
Lovesick Boy
1124 may2020
612 apr2020
13 jan2 feb2020
18 nov1 dec
In country
36 sep